Competition, Fun and Frolic as CCRP members enjoy their Games Evening


CCRP Games 2

MaryAnn, owner of The Treatment Room and CCRP Discount Partner, giving Mr. Audley Vaughn a neck and shoulder massage at the CCRP games evening. The event was held July 11 in the Jamaica Suite, 2 Phoenix Avenue, Kingston 10 compliments of PROComm. Members enjoyed the relaxation and valued the advice they were given on ways to manage various health issues.

The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) came alive with its games evening held on July 11 at the PROComm-PRODEV Jamaica Suite at Phoenix Central in Kingston

The games evening is a part of the CCRP social events calendar, it is held every other month to promote camaraderie among the members of the organization. CCRP also feels that it is very important to keep seniors engaged, as often times during their retirement they spend a considerable amount of their time alone.

“We have seen former classmates connect during these occasions, talking about schooldays and sharing experiences,” noted CCRP Marketing and Engagement Officer Valerie Tate.

The members squared off in games such as scrabble, dominoes and cards, and were fuelled by snacks courtesy National Baking Company and Café Nita.

The members who were in attendance appreciated information and demonstrations from three of the 92 CCRP discount partners that were present at the event. GPS Connect Jamaica, a tracking company, informed the elders of their security services for tracking their vehicles and making alerts to family members. Member tuned in to the idea of a bracelet with a panic button.

The Treatment Room offered members on-the-spot massages which they enjoyed and took advantage of, especially those who were suffering from pains. They were also given advice on how to deal with certain health challenges such as arthritis, high blood pressure and stress. Members won gift certificates from The Treatment Room by answering a riveting pop quiz.

La Belle Femme, a bra company came to offer the elders a chance to see their wide selection of well-fitting underwear. The store also brought along a bra filler for breast cancer survivors to demonstrate one of the ways women who have lost their breast to the disease can cope.



Address on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day by Jean Lowrie-Chin

The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) is joining the National Council for Senior Citizens in observing this very important day – World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, with the theme for Jamaica being, “Understand and End Financial Abuse of Older People: A Human Rights Issue”.


We in Jamaica should be resolute in addressing this serious matter as the scourge of scamming has brought suffering to many elderly in the United States of America and shame on our nation.


Here at home, financial abuse of the elderly is also taking place. We are getting distressing information only a month ago that there are heartless individuals who have attempted to trick NIS beneficiaries into giving them authorization to collect their funds and have stolen these funds from our helpless citizens.


We have been warned by representatives of the police force that there have been several fraudulent attempts to steal banking information from the elderly and only recently I heard of a heart-breaking incident where someone who was thought to be trustworthy, tricked an elderly gentleman into accompanying him to the bank and signing documents which resulted in the gentleman being left penniless having lost his entire life savings.


It is also very painful to know that even in families there are uncaring relatives who will take advantage of the kindness of their elderly while withholding humane care from them.  This is particularly disappointing in Jamaica where the elderly have been pillars of the family.  Many children have been raised and nurtured by their grandparents.  These heroic elderly Jamaicans deserve honour and protection when they can no longer fend for themselves.


We want our elderly to know that Part Five of the Maintenance Act of December 7, 2005 states “Every person who is not a minor has an obligation to the extent that the person is capable of doing so, to maintain the person’s parents and grandparents who are in need of such parent – maintenance by reason of age, physical or mental infirmity or disability.”


We urge our church and community leaders to inform their members about this Act.  We are hoping that soon we will be able to make examples of those uncaring adult children who, having been nurtured and educated by dedicated parents, have left them neglected and suffering.


Jamaica has introduced some helpful programmes for our elderly. We acknowledge that the introduction of JADEP, the Jamaica Drugs for the Elderly Programme, has resulted in significant savings to older persons.


We applaud the National Council for Senior Citizens spearheaded by then Chairman of NCSC, Prof. Denise Eldemire-Shearer, for their excellent National Policy for Senior Citizens and tabled in the House of Parliament in 1997.  This is a comprehensive policy, reflecting the International Principles for Older Persons.


However, we are appealing to the authorities to revisit some of the strategies stated to provide income security for senior citizens.

These include:

  • Organize and fund foundations for rendering assistance to senior citizens with no income or to those with insufficient income.
  • Ensure availability of training opportunities and technical advice and guidance for self-employment ventures, as well   as financial assistance to senior citizens.
  • Make available tax incentives for organizations supporting income-generating activities among senior citizens.


We would like to see HEART-NTA include courses for retirees so they can seek additional income to supplement their pensions.  Indeed, the the majority of Jamaicans have no pension plan, so it is our national budget that will suffer, if seniors are not given the opportunity to earn.  We have established a Skills Bank at CCRP to assist our members in obtaining part-time employment.


We at the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons have been holding workshops to advise our seniors on Financial Management and the importance of using trusted investment advisors.  Jamaicans of all walks of life have access to a variety of registered financial institutions and these are the organizations on which we should depend for financial guidance.


We have seen too many of our elderly lose their hard-earned savings having been coerced by representatives of unregistered financial organizations. We are requesting of our financial organisations, that even in this age of technology, you put aside certain days or times when you can give our elderly detailed information and options and patiently guide them in making investment decisions.


We at CCRP are therefore reminding those who are approaching retirement or who are retired to seek professional guidance and to engage a trustworthy group of friends and relatives with legal guidance so that you can protect yourself, as the day may come when you are unable to speak for yourselves.


As we pause to recognize and address the suffering of those elderly who have been financially abused, this day gives us hope that we are affirming our humanity and standing up for those who are at this stage of their lives, may be unable to stand up for themselves.


As we look back on the wonderful Tribute to our Olympic Superstar Usain St. Leo Bolt recently, we should note that in his autobiography, he salutes his late grandfather, a farmer who would give him weekly supplies of fresh milk, and his grandmother, who he says, never stops praying for him when he sets out from Falmouth until he calls her to tell her that he  has arrived safely in Kingston.  Such is the nurturing and love that has given us our amazing Legend of the Track!


On the shoulders of our grandparents and parents we stand, so let us do the right thing for our seniors, and ensure that they do not suffer from financial abuse or any other kind of abuse.


CCRP Legacy Awards Nominations-Now Open

Mailchimp logo wo sloganThe Caribbean community of Retired Persons (CCRP) is pleased to announce that nominations for the CCRP Legacy Awards are now open. CCRP members can now nominate people who they feel have made great contributions to Jamaica through their respective fields of endeavor.  Please click on the links below to download the nomination form and guidelines. CCRP looks forward to honoring those among us who have made a great impact on our Jamaican society.

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Ending Financial Abuse Against our Elders

Kingston, Jamaica-June 15, 2017: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 15, was marked with a special forum held by the National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC) at the Church of God located at 93a Constant Spring Road, St. Andrew. The day has been recognized by the NCSC for the past 6 years. This year, the event was held under the theme: “Understand and End Financial Abuse of Older People: A Human Rights Issue.”

Jean Lowrie-Chin, Founder and Executive Chairperson of the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP), addressed one of the most problematic financial abuses of elders, scamming. She referred to “the scourge” of scamming of elderly United States victims and noted, “Only a month ago there were heartless individuals who have attempted to trick NIS beneficiaries into giving them authorization to collect their funds and have stolen these funds from our helpless citizens.” She reminded the seniors of Part V of Jamaica’s Maintenance Act required that children who were not minors had a responsibility to support their parents and grandparents, should they not have the means or are disabled. She said an example needs to be made of individuals as too many elders were suffering from financial abuse.


Safeguarding finances

Mr. Ian Cooke, Development Officer of the NCB, Constant Spring who spoke at the forum advised that elders take certain precautionary measures to safeguard their finances. He asked that elderly persons ask a younger, trusted individual to accompany them to the bank. He also encouraged elders to be very vigilant of their environment when they carry out banking transactions and, if they feel insecure, they should never hesitate in asking a security officer at the bank to escort them either to the bus stop or to their car. In addition, he warned them not to do any banking transaction late at night and not to pull more money than they need from ATM machines.

Other important suggestions from Mr. Cooke included:

  1. Elderly persons should ensure that they have a plan for the disposal of their assets, that is, prepare a will
  2. Always latch the ATM door behind you, cover the keypad when entering your pin and put away your card and cash before leaving.



Electronic Fraud

Constable Julie Livermore of the JCF Electronic Fraud Unit, in addressing the gathering warned the elders about the unsafe use of credit and debit cards at Point-of-Sale machines and at ATMs. She said that there was a prevalence of skimming associated with the usage of these facilities where criminals use a pin-hole camera to capture your pin and a magnetic strip reader to copy your card. Once they have the magnetic strip and your pin they can wreak havoc on your bank account. She advised that one should always watch as their card is being processed as individuals can use small skimming devices to copy their card. She also cautioned against the act of writing down pin numbers as they can end up in the wrong hands.

Mrs. Cassandra Morrison, Executive Director  of NCSC and Nodine Anderson, Programme Organizer also addressed the event.

The seniors also spoke out against the abuse and displayed signs reading “No to elder abuse”, “Speak out, speak loud” among other strong messages.



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CCRP Discount Partners

The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) is pleased to announce an increase in the number of discount partners that have joined with us to provide our members with  savings on a range of goods and services. Among the 90 discount partners are medical, security and wellness companies offering up to 25 percent discounts on their services. CCRP understands the need for every senior to have access to these essential  services and has lobbied for the partnership with these companies so that the quality of life of our members will be improved.  Take a look at the detailed list of our partners by clicking this link >>>scan




Timely advice from JCF’s Supt Lindsay for security of elderly at CCRP AGM

Thursday June 1, 2017, Kingston, Jamaica:  Supt Stephanie Lindsay expressed deep concern about increasing attacks on Jamaica’s elderly at yesterday’s  Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) held at the Phoenix Central Complex in St. Andrew.  The Guest Speaker noted that the problem of lonely elderly was compounded because many were afraid to venture out, depriving them of the social interaction so important for their well-being.

She noted that burglars have been targeting seniors and that members should be extremely careful.  She warned that there were persons posing as representatives of utility companies, so it was important to check their ID cards.


She also noted that identity theft was a growing problem and that seniors should ensure that records of financial transactions are secured as the information on receipts can be used to commit fraud.  She reminded members that they may receive calls asking for banking and credit card information, and that no bank would be requesting this on the phone.  “No need to be polite – say NO,” she urged. “In this case to be rude is to be shrewd!”

She reminded the CCRP members to check their bank statements carefully and immediately report any strange activity.  She recommended doing this in writing, to have a record of these queries.  She said any suspicion of fraud should be reported to the JCF fraud squad at 948-5906, 948-5943 or email fraudsquad@jcf.gov.jm


Supt Lindsay said it was important to keep a close check on incapacitated elderly as there have been incidents of abusive caregivers.  She said that some persons may be reluctant to speak out so friends and relatives should be very observant, checking for injuries and bedsores.

In the case of motor vehicle accidents, she recommended that members take a photo of the vehicle, ensuring that the car registration number is clear.  They may give their name, but not their address; instead they could give the person the address of their insurance company and say they will meet them at the police station.

When out and about, she recommended:

  • Go out with friends and family, not alone
  • Walk purposely
  • Walk down the middle of the sidewalk
  • Keep purses close to the body and wallets in front pants-pocket or jacket pocket
  • Carry only cash, credit cards and ID that will be needed.

She advised that if there is a hold-up, throw your wallet or handbag a distance away and run, screaming in the opposite direction.  Under no circumstances should you resist giving up your valuables.

She suggested that seniors should:

  • Use sturdy metal or solid wood doors and install deadbolt locks
  • Light up entry doors, and use motion detectors or floodlights
  • Trim shrubbery around doors and windows and make sure your address is displayed for emergency purposes
  • Give an extra key to a trusted neighbour

CCRP Board Director Mrs Vilma McDonald thanked Supt Lindsay for her timely and practical advice. Executive Chairman Jean Lowrie-Chin noted that the organisation was deeply concerned about the issue of elder abuse, and that CCRP would be advocating for the passing of laws similar to those in the Child Care and Protection Act to ensure the well-being of Jamaica’s elderly.

CCRP photo 1

Mrs. Jean Lowrie Chin honoured the work of Mrs. Dorett Linton, Acting CEO of CCRP who is leaving the organization after eight years of outstanding service. She has left behind a legacy that will undoubtedly set the pace for the advancement of senior care in Jamaica. Mrs. Chin in honouring Mrs. Linton stated: “We are especially grateful to our Acting CEO Mrs. Linton who has been with CCRP before launch and has created links islandwide, expanding the reach of the organization.”

CCRP photo 9


Special laws needed to protect elderly – Lowrie-Chin

Jean Lowrie-Chin, founder and CEO of the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons Limited, is calling for laws targeting protection of the elderly.

“There is a serious loss of respect and care in this country for the elderly. We have had reports from our members. Just as there is a law that speaks to child abuse and those who know of it happening and do nothing, we are having discussion to see if a law for the elderly can be constructed. People should protect and report any attack on the elderly,” Lowrie-Chin said.

Her comments come after the stabbing death of a senior citizen in Montego Bay by a teenager.

The accused allegedly committed the deadly act last Friday during a dispute on Barnett Street.

The deceased is 72-year-old Cleveland Ireland, otherwise called ‘Popeye’ of a Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay, address.

Reports from the Barnett Street Police are that about 2:30 p.m., Ireland was walking along the roadway when he and the teenager got into an argument.

The 17-year-old used a knife to stab Ireland several times. He was rushed to hospital, where he died while undergoing treatment.

The teen was soon after taken into custody, however, his identity is being withheld pending further investigation.

Worrisome situation

The St James police have also recently labelled teenage involvement in crime and violence as worrisome.

Commander of St James, Senior Superintendent of Police Marlon Nesbeth, said: “The 15, 16 and 17 age group are just violent-minded. We have to reach out to that age group and dispel the way they solve conflicts. The police are appealing to residents for support.”

Lowrie-Chin said the two most vulnerable groups in society are children and the elderly.

“In the past, the police met with us and provided booklets on safety and security for the elderly, which was useful. We are seeking to reintroduce those booklets,” she said.

by Andre Williams April 28, 2017

Source: http://jamaica-star.com/article/news/20170428/special-laws-needed-protect-elderly-lowrie-chin



 Kingston, Jamaica,     March 17, 2017: The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) is expressing it’s concern over the Government’s proposal to impose general consumption tax (GCT) on group health insurance. This pronouncement was made recently by the Minister of Finance as part of his tax package tabled in Parliament during the budget debate

The CCRP, through partnership with Sagicor, offers a group health insurance package to it’s members. Founder and Executive Chair, Mrs. Jean Lowrie-Chin stated, “Most of our members are pensioners. Contributing to the group health plan is financially challenging, however they are prepared to make this sacrifice to ensure they have some measure of coverage”.

Mrs. Lowrie-Chin said that to demand that they pay more by way of GCT would make the plan unaffordable for some members thereby putting more pressure on the already overburdened public health system. “Given the current situation with our public health care system, there should be no deterrent for persons to subscribe to health insurance plans”, she said.

The CCRP is appealing to the powers that be to rethink this decision as implementation of this measure will adversely affect those who are most vulnerable in our society.

The CCRP is a non-profit membership organization for persons aged 50 and over.  The organization currently has a membership of over 1,800. Members are entitled to numerous benefits, including eligibility for enrolment in a group major medical health insurance plan that offers a lifetime coverage of J$5M.


Contact: Dorett Linton                         Telephone: 469-1944




Kingston, Jamaica – September 29, 2016: The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) has managed to cement partnership with another security company to offer their services to members at a concessionary rate.  Hawkeye Electronic Security Limited is the second security company, following the Guardsman Group, to join the CCRP’s list of discount partners.

Hawkeye’s partnership was announced at a Safety and Security seminar hosted by the company for CCRP members on Wednesday, September 28 at 2 Phoenix Avenue, St. Andrew.  Following the announcement, members were quite happy with the offer. “Given the high level of crime that is taking place in Jamaica at this time, we have to  be proactive and take some responsibility for our own safety,” one member said.  She added, “We are grateful to the CCRP for securing these partnerships as these are tough financial times, particularly for us who are on a fixed income.  Getting these services at a discounted rate really helps in stretching the dollar a little further.”

In addition to the discount on services provided by two of the largest security companies in the Jamaica, the CCRP has cemented deals with over 60 partners that offer discounts ranging from 5% to 25% for members.

CCRP’s has secured discounts with establishments located in Kingston as well as in Mandeville, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. These efforts are to ensure that CCRP members outside of Kingston can also benefit and enjoy discounted rates.

Persons 50 years and older are eligible for membership in CCRP, which can be reached at 469-1944, website: ccrponline.org.

Contact: Donna Singh        Tel: (876) 469 1944



The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) will be celebrating its members in fine style during Senior Citizens week which will be observed from September 25 to October 1 this year. CCRP’s discount partners will be offering additional savings to these senior citizens in an effort to show appreciation of the elderly.

CCRP members currently enjoy concessions on over fifteen categories of goods and services, ranging from 5% to 25%, from a growing number of over 50 discount partners. Discount partners are making a special effort to offer additional concession on goods and services as a special treat for our seniors. Angela’s, located on Merrick Avenue in St. Andrew is one such establishment. The boutique currently offers a 17.5% discount to CCRP members but for Senior Citizens Week will be offering 30% off, in addition to covering GCT costs.

“We are happy to provide this extra special treat to CCRP members during this important week for seniors,” noted Angela Neita, owner of Angela’s.

Other St. Andrew based establishments are offering increased discounts. Treatment Room in Seymour Park which normally provides a 20% discount will be offering a special concession of 30% for Senior Citizens Week. Eden Gardens Spa will be following suit, also offering an increased discount at 30%. La Belle Femme Lingerie and Bra Fit specialists has increased their discount to 25% and Spa Aesthetique up to 20% for Senior Citizens week.

CCRP is pleased to be able to work with its partners to facilitate this treat for members as they are specially recognised and celebrated throughout Senior Citizens Week.

Persons 50 years and older are eligible for membership in CCRP, which can be reached at 469-1944, website: ccrponline.org.

Contact: Donna Singh                                                                  Telephone: 469-1944CCRP Membership & Development Consultant